ATTENTION REALTORS: Save 25-75% off Your Marketing Budget With our in-Market Real Estate Leads
Before A Buyer/Seller decides to engage a realtor... 
they do A lot of research online. They visit websites, they do searches, they access real estate content and engage in social media. Our software is monitoring Their behavior  right now and 
You Get the list of these "In-Market" Buyers/sellers Each WEEK!
Introducing In-Market Real Estate Leads
Gary Engels
The In-Market Real Estate
Leads Consultant
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  90% of Buyers start their search for Property Online
  70% Of Buyers & 75% Of Sellers Find Their Agent Online
  70% Work With The First Agent They Speak To
  Our platform will generate new buyer leads for your realtors.
We provide tools, analysis and support to make sure you get maximum ROI.
Success in business has a lot to do with knowing something the competition does not
 Like knowing which people in your area are actively searching for a home in your area…
 instead of giving you the haystack to find the needles (as in fb targeting through demographics), 

we just give you the needles and other needles that are just like the 
ones we already found for you.
 STOP wasting your marketing dollars on people that will never become your clients.
Smart Marketers Use

When you run ad campaigns with Google and Facebook you’re not only buying impressions and clicks, you’re buying the prospect data as well. When you own the data you can cut your costs by 40, 50 or as high as 70%! And since you're only targeting those people who have already visited your site, you’re able to spend your budget when and where it’s the most effective.

Our Data Doesn’t Expire

Unlike Retargeting Pixels or Cookies which expire or can be cleared from a browser, your site-match data never expires.


Our Software is Omnipresent...tracks behavior on FB, GOOGLE, Youtube, instagram...etc you name it, it is tracking your buyers. You can use Multiple marketing mediums including FB, Adwords, Phone, Postcards, Direct mail, Retargeting Campaigns...etc. 

We can even get the Name, Emails, Addresses and Phone numbers of the people who have visited your website and/or your competitors website… GAME CHANGER!
We get you measurable, real results that actually give you a return on your investment.
Why work with Us?
Big Data 
We Can ID Your Future Customers
Our competitive advantage is by tracking on-line behavior, we know who is in market to buy or sell a house in real time. Our data is updated weekly, giving you a huge advantage by allowing you to focus on the "needles" instead of the "haystack".
Exclusive Territory
One Realtor Per Market
Our marketing system is exclusive by territory. We only work with one broker per territory, to ensure that you have the competitive advantage over any other realtors in your market.
Be Everywhere
We are able to use our in-market list of leads in virtually any marketing campaign on any platform, online or offline. We are able to be constantly in front of those buyers and sellers, so you can build a relationship with them and that you are top of mind.
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