New Webinar:  Presented by InMarketRealtors
 REALTORS: You Are Losing Profit To 5 Powerful Forces. 
In This Training, We'll Show You How to Beat All 5. 
✔ What We Do: Using Machine Learning (A.I.), our software is actively tracking 225 Million Americans URL Behavior and Keyword Searches. 
✔ People Based: We use People-Based Marketing which is the ability to recognize, by name, WHO you are marketing to. 
✔ Omni-Platform: We can take this identity and behavior and we can be in front of these PEOPLE on any platform online or offline. 
✔ In-Market: Market only to the people who are In-Market, who are actively searching for a home, stop losing profit on demographics
✔ Limited and Proprietary: We are accepting just 20 Realtors to partner with who will profit with our proprietary technology.  
✔ The Question:
Would you rather choose to work with us or allow your competitors to use this tech against you?
Nobody Else Can Do This. We help you dominate your market. 
"We Are NOT Another Lead Gen Company - We Are A Growth Partner Connecting You With Qualified 
Buyers Who Are Looking For You, effectively protecting your ROI and your profits" - Gary Engels - CEO

Thursday, March 15th

Recorded and Available NOW

Accepting 20 Realtors

Area Exclusive - Top Realtors

Gary Engels - CEO

ROI Specialist/Growth Partner

IMR Tech Team

Behind the Technology
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
1. The Five Forces 
that all businesses compete against for profits & how to beat them permanently.
  • Five Forces: That are stealing profits
  • Rivals: Be The first and WIN More Sales
  • Options: Buyers/Sellers Are SHOPPING
  •  WIN: We show you how to beat them
  •  Strategy: A Way To Win. Learn how to grow to next level. 
  •  Experience: Our team of Marketers and Programmers give you the edge needed in Highly Competitive Markets.
  •  90% of Buyers start their search for Property Online
  •  70% of Buyers & 75% of Sellers find their Agent online
  •  70% work with the first Agent they speak to
2. The Technical Details
of how in-market leads actually work to predict buyers.
  • Tech: We track 225 million Americans keyword searches and navigations across five billion URLs.
  •  Behavior: We have a giant listening engine 
  •  Profiles: We can use that to build comprehensive profiles of real people that we can market to.
  • Identity: Nobody else can ID, across platform, a specific targeted set of people defined not by their demographics, but by their behavior. 
  • People: We give you the Name, Addresses, Phone, Email... and any other information collected to give you ONLY qualified prospects. 
3. The Value of In-Market Leads 
and future developments of our software.
  •  Data: We're copying data, we're collecting that data, we're analyzing that data
  •  Targeting: We're using that data to target people on any type of platform, and online is not the only one.
  • Sensors: We're approaching a Trillion Sensor economy with the IOT (Internet of Things). 
  • Offline: You can do offline, you can do print, that's where things are heading. 
  •  Big Data: Our software allows you to profit from this BIG data. Our marketing approach is not a "Me Too" approach... 
  •  Cutting Edge: Targeting and Lead Gen.
  •  Exclusive: We can only work with 1 Realtor in each market as we work to dominate a market for the RIGHT person.
Big Data + Behavior + Identity Resolution
Know WHO to Market To
Omni Channel Marketing
Be Everywhere
Only 1 Realtor Per Market
Conquer Your Market 
IMR - MISSION AND PURPOSE: To relentlessly develop the best in market and in funnel and lookalike match leads possible by collecting and analyzing the most diverse real time buying behavior. Then we will provide all of these in market, in funnel, and lookalike match leads in the form and format that best delivers the best leverage, advantage, and utilization to our realtors so that they dominate their market. Now we do all of this so our clients can successfully compete for profitable sales in today’s hyper-competitive, data driven, 15 billion sensor economy.

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